Working with a Creative Agency

Never worked with a Creative Agency? You’re not alone! We’ve worked with various clients, from cosmetics to biopharma, many of which have never worked with a creative agency. To ease you into the process, here’s a rundown of what to expect when working with a creative agency.

We Promise We Know What We are Doing

Whether you need a new logo or a brand built from the ground up, you’re here because you need experts to help you get your brand elevated a step further. We are here to support, create, plan, and execute your ideas with our expertise. We love to hear your thoughts and ideas and encourage you to share them. However, we might tailor them to our previous learnings and analysis and suggest effective routes. In other words, we’d love to be your “yes man” but trust that we know how to best reach your end goal. You may choose to follow our direction or an alternative path, in the end, the choice is yours.

Tell Us Everything About You

Working with a creative agency will require your expertise as well, being an essential element in the mix. We are a curious bunch, so expect to be asked several questions about your business and industry. In case we missed something, we also ask that you share important topics or details of your business. We use that information to best represent every aspect of your business and communicate it creatively.

Creativity is what we do best. Check out the rest of our work.

Welcome to the Creative Side

As a creative agency, we love getting creative! We are up to date with the latest trends, but also exploring new things. Above that, however, we follow your specific needs and requests. We might add a little spice into the mix, but find that you’ll always get what you requested. Don’t be shy to put a limit, but also keep in mind that creatives also deliver amazing work without boundaries. Creativity might also be interpreted in different ways. If we ask a few times to express your idea(s) again, it is only to be certain of what you want and to make sure that we nail it the first time (Not tooting our own forn but you’ll be impressed)

Changes May Occur

Such is life. Changes that you can expect vary from work increase or decrease, requesting new deliverables, or changes to work that has already been completed. More often than not, these changes require more time and effort from our team to plan and execute. As a result, timelines and budgets may be impacted. However, reducing project deliverables for work that has already started might not decrease the budget.

Communication Will Get Us There

Although you have handed the creative work onto us, we are still a team. Like any other team, communication is important for successful and desired outcomes. There may be instances where you change your mind or doubt a previous decision. There might also be changes within your business that might affect our work. In either of these instances, it is important to let us know as soon as possible.Send the project manager an email when this occurs so we can communicate it to the rest of the team. Staying in sync will reduce the chances of change in timeline and budget (though they might still occur).


Our VengaFlow, or workflow, infographic will walk you through our process from start to finish. This inforgraphic may vary depending on your request.

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