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  • Hello! I am working on my brand voice, story and crystalizing it all together in something that connects with women. I have done a lot of work, but I still feel like I need help from a pro figuring out what the highlights and the juicy should be. I have a website now on Squarespace, and I am currently redesigning it on Shopify. I am struggling to choose what to say and where to say it. I have a great niche and amazing content and really good story, but I need help polishing it all up and making it should right. You will see on my current site that I am all over the place, kind of casting about for what works. I could really use the magic of co-creation and having an objective perspective freshen it up.

    • vengabrands says:

      Hi Raea – thanks for connecting, we love your work. We’ll send you an email shortly so arrange a time to talk shop.

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