Take a Journey of Self-love


Come with us to the depths of West Africa. See the abundance; smell its freshness. In this earth lie the roots of millennia-old ingredients, ancient rituals, and youthful, glowing skin. Uzari grew out of them all. We worked with Uzari to infuse their rich story into a rich identity as a “second skin” to their self-love skin experience. Solidifying the logo into a concept and bringing it to life with a family of products and packaging was one of Venga’s greatest opportunities in the world of beauty and skincare. We are proud to introduce: Uzari.

Service Value

Brand Identity

  • Logo adjustment – Typography correction 
  • Primary Brand Colors
  • Identity Concept & Mood Board
  • Typography Selection 
  • Web & Social Look-and-feel
  • Photo Treatment/Art Direction


  • Primary Packaging: Refillable Bottle
  • Primary Packaging: Refill Pouch 
  • Secondary Packaging: Gift Box Set 
  • Secondary Color Treatments (scents)
  • 3D Product Mockups

Though fearless, independent, and bold, you still need and deserve to be nurtured.  You need space to breathe, reflect and center yourself.  You need time to restore yourself so you can enter the world with firm roots and confidence.”

– Yasmin Zachary, Founder and CEO



The founder, Yasmin Zachary, was molded by the richness of her African culture and community. She spent her childhood in Nigeria and Ghana, with ancient skincare techniques passed down through her maternal line. A daily self-care ritual she thought little of then -has sparked Uzari years later. We wanted to infuse the bold origins of this brand with a second-skin feeling, calling back to the traditional skin ritual Uzari embodies. The monochromatic palette and high-contrast, bold logo kept space to develop secondary packaging colors to communicate the inspiration behind each scent without diluting the brand’s bold, beautiful identity.

Material Value

  • Refill Pouch Design (3) 
  • Aluminum Bottle Design (1) 
  • Brand & Communication Guide
  • Logo Adjustment
  • Landing Page Design
  • Secondary Color Study



In solidifying an unwavering identity as a foundation to expand a beauty brand, Venga’s work has set Uzari up for success for their web and product launch. We carefully adjusted and strengthened the original logo to ensure usability and versatility across web, digital, and packaging brand engagements. The lead designer carefully crafted each part of the packaging to compliment and reiterate: who is Uzari?