Where it all started


The client was drawn by our previous work creating clean, elegant, and luxurious identities for disruptive brands like Aether Beauty. We took a holistic, vertical approach to creating unique messaging while having our eye on the launch date and any subsequent community building. They wanted to take elements from their favorite high-end brands and incorporate them into a modern, luxury, CBD skin care product. Together, Venga and Ambari raised additional funding and launched products that are now sold in high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus. The Venga team is proud to introduce the newest addition to our track record of cosmetic industry brand launches: Ambari Beauty.

Beauty Branding Concept

“A fusion of the most ritualistic elements of Mediterranean area of Europe, North Africa and a pinch of a tribal feeling from the irreverente Aztec empire.”

– Ines Brito, Senior Designer

Main Brand and Typography Study

Service Value

  • Brand Identity (Internal & External)
  • Packaging (Primary & Secondary)
  • Product Prototyping
  • Investment Presentation
  • Web Design
Main and secondary brand colors

Material Value

  • Communication & Brand Guide
  • Brand Tool Kit
  • Overnight Active12 Serum
  • Gold Profection22 Mask
  • Pattern and Iconography Development



CBD Luxury was the goal; does the work speak for itself? With a top-down approach we created a vertical brand that creates an identity out of only 1 or 2 products, but it can grow new products and identities under the same brand.

Venga uses our right brain to deliver beauty, and our left-brain to infuse business knowhow. Creating a tool kit snapshot of their Brand from our extensive concepting and design allowed easy communication with vendors and the flexibility to work with any design team. 

We also consulted with a strategic evaluation that keeps the brand and visuals relevant for years to come, rather than becoming diluted or misrepresented as the company grows, the product line expands, or the industry pivots. To go back and change a brand not only is costly in redesigning, but also the PR and marketing campaign to follow.

We are confident that Ambari will see success in the years to come because of our branding work. Good branding is priceless. Just ask Neiman Marcus.

Shipper box packaging design