Where it all started


Every beauty brand has a story and philosophy that is infused into its product. Béni’s brand messaging is a promise to provide a simple and informative shopping experience to consumers while sharing the brand’s passion and story to inspire the world. The story of this cosmetic brand comes from the word beni 紅 for a traditional Geisha’s lipstick. Our designers took this inspiration and incorporated the story into the logo, packaging, and every detail of this startup beauty brand.

Service Value


  • Logo Concept & Isotype
  • Brand concept
  • Color study 
  • Iconography
  • Web & Mobile App look-and-feel
  • Postcard, business card, stamp concepts
Web Design
Post Cards
“Beni Approved” Stamp



Geisha use Camellia also for its oil to remove their iconic makeup and nourish their skin. Used as a remover and cleanser that melts away makeup, leaving behind purified, silky soft skin. Camellia oil has more naturally-occurring antioxidants than almost any other botanically derived oil. It is very precious and a luxurious shade of red derived from the camellia flower. With the camellia petals, we expressed our passion to create circles and connections with the beauty community.


Material Value

  • 16 icon options
  • 2 post cards
  • Website look-and-feel: Homepage
  • Mobile app look-and-feel
  • Typography Selections
  • Communications & Brand Guide



An incredible brand stands out in a crowded marketplace where makeup and cosmetic products are a dime-a-dozen. With the help of our branding expertise, Béni launched a digital platform for skincare, cosmetic, and beauty companies using a unique identity that attracted clean beauty brands. Providing a look-and-feel for web and mobile mockups was integral in Béni communicating to early investors about the unique value of their online marketplace, differentiating them from a beauty brand that sells their own products. It was a pleasure to visualize their unique inspiration, and ability to enable brands to connect online directly to  brick-and-mortar retailers for sales, feedback, and relationship building.